Line of Business


  • Supply new instruments(system) for climate change research
    • Walk-in Chamber
    • Climate Change Chamber
    • Eddy Covariance System
    • Photosynthesis System
    • Soil CO2 Flux System
    • FACE
    • SPAR
    • Phenotyping System
    • Automatic irrgation and weighing system
    • Automatic Weather Station
    • Spectroradiometer
  • New Business & market development with Test & Measurement Equipments in various application
    • Set up business Strategies & Marketing plan and execution till fruitful results
    • Maintaining good Business Relationship with many partners in Asia
    • Set up distribution channel for Industrial products for N. American Market
  • Technical Sales and professional support.
    • Provide & Technical Support to customer
    • Provide & Maintenance Services to customer
Business Experience Customer